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  Avid Unity Attic

While editing, the Avid editing system saves its bins within the open Projects at timed intervals. (This is dictated by the User setting ‘BIN’ within Media Composer) Whenever a bin is saved into the Project folder, a copy is also saved into a folder called the Attic folder, which is usually held on the internal drive for local projects.

(PC) /Users/Public/Public Documents/Avid MediaComposer

(Mac) /Users/Shared/Avid MediaComposer

Whenever a Project is opened from a workspace the Attic location changes. A ‘Unity Attic’ folder is created on the workspace where the project is opened from. All users who then open the project subsequently will have their attic copy saved to this location. The restore process is however still the same as that of a local Attic.


On a NEXIS system with a workspace named Avid Projects to hold the projects themselves the path for the project would be... 

\Avid Projects\Unity Attic\[YourProject]\Bins\[Your Bins names]\[versions of bins saved]